Once Again, Italy Needs Our Help!

Dear Friend,

Yesterday evening, just a little over 2 months after the devastating August 24 earthquake that destroyed large parts of central Italy and claimed nearly 300 lives, Italy was once again struck by two earthquakes of magnitude-5.5 and 6.1. Although there have been no fatalities, the physical destruction of these cities and towns is immeasurable, and they will take years to recover.

Our hearts and prayers are with the victims and the rescue workers who are quickly trying to secure the roads and buildings in these towns in order to prevent further damage or casualties. Once again, our brothers and sisters in Italy need our support.

Please help the National Italian American Foundation, and our partners throughout the Italian American community to raise funds for our Italian family. To help in ANY amount, please visit www.ItalianAmericanRelief.org.

As developments unfold we will continue to update the above site. Our Italian American community can do a great deal of good in the coming days and weeks, and we hope you will be a part of this effort.

Please pass this link along to as many friends and family as you can and please join in our prayers for our Italian family.

I am, as always,

Yours in Partnership,

John M. Viola