One Voice Coalition Adds the San Diego Symphony To its “Wall of Shame”

NEW JERSEY—- The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition (IAOVC), the nation’s largest Italian American anti-bias group, has added the San Diego Symphony to its “Wall of Shame”.

The group has taken umbrage with the symphony’s recent event titled “The Godfather Live: A Reflection”. The event included a pre-event ‘Mafia Costume Party’.

sandiego-godfather “This was clearly an insult to all Italian Americans and should not have been staged. If it were any other nationality, it would be called bigotry, but when it involves Italian Americans it is believed to be all good fun and we are told to ‘lighten up.’ The IAOVC is demanding an immediate apology to this nation’s 25-million Italian Americans”, said One Voice president Dr. Manny Alfano.

Doctor Alfano is also asking all Italian Americans and Italian American organizations to join in contacting the symphony’s CEO Martha Gilman to express their displeasure (see contact number below).

The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition is the nation’s only Italian American organization whose sole mandate is to fight stereotypes and bias against Italian Americans.

ONE VOICE has created the first-ever nationwide “rapid response” network of defenders and freedom writers who are activated quickly to respond to bias and stereotyping through emails, letters, and phone calls, through its Facebook page, Twitter account, posts and website (

ONE VOICE is asking individuals and organizations to contact the following:

Martha Gilman, CEO

Robert Wilkins, Chief Operating Officer

Tommy Phillips, Director of Artistic Planning

Stephen Kouglas, Director of Public Relations

Seth Goldman, Chief Financial and Admin. Officer

The conductor at San Diego Symphony Email Jahja Ling:



Here’s a link of photos from the Mafia Costume party at the San Diego Symphony!/sandiegosymphony/photos_stream

Cut and paste and send one e-mail;;;;;;