Through Italy’s eyes: The untold story of life during the World Wars

Historical novel follows family during WWI and WWII

TORONTO – By the end of the war in 1918, 600,000 Italians were dead, 950,000 were wounded and 250,000 were crippled for life. The war cost more than the government had spent in the previous 50 years – and Italy had only been in the war for three years.

Giancarlo Gabbrielli, author of The Lanzis I, has experienced the consequences of a twisted political regime, difficulties with rebuilding a war torn nation, and effects of the disintegration of faith in the government.

Born in Florence in 1937, Gabbrielli lived and studied under a Fascist regime and witnessed war first hand. He experienced the atrocities at the German occupied zone near the Arno River front line and survived the reconstruction of postwar Italy as citizens attempted to pick up the pieces broken by the decades of political battles.

After attending school at the Technical Institute of Pisa, Gabbrielli served in the Italian Air Force and was sent to the U.S. with a NATO contingent to study intercontinental ballistic missile systems.

Upon returning to Italy he was assigned to dismantle missile bases in an attempt to counter Russian plans in 1962. He then left the Italian Air Force and immigrated to Canada.

There he took courses in writing, philosophy, history and sculpture, while establishing his business related to contemporary furniture and Italian design. Contributing editorials to an Italo-Canadian newspaper, Gabbrielli received several awards and citations from the Leonardo Da Vinci Society. Gabbrielli has since published five books in Italian and two in English and is now in the process of translating his remaining works into English.

His book, The Lanzis I, Gabbreilli tells the story of a family in Italy after WWI through the rise of Fascism and the horrors of WWII. Written from his own experiences with a corrupt government and Fascist regime, Gabbrielli captures raw human emotion of country ravaged by war.

The Lanzis I

The boundless shades of life

By Giancarlo Gabbrielli

ISBN: 978-1-47720-153-4

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About the author:

Giancarlo Gabbrielli was born in Florence, Italy, and later moved to Canada. He has written editorials and socio-political excerpts for Italo-Canadian newspapers and contributed essays published by the Leonardo Da Vinci Association. In addition to writing, he is also an accomplished painter and sculptor. Gabbrielli has now completed the sequels to The Lanzis I and is working on his fifth book.