At the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum: “The Modern Art of Marjorie Martinez”

The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum cordially invites you to the opening of “The Modern Art of Marjorie Martinez” an exhibition of artwork spanning over seven decades, by artist Marjorie Martinez  —  Saturday, September 29, from 2-5pm

MARJORIE C. MARTINEZ, born a first generation American of immigrant parents from Sicily, spent her girlhood in Brooklyn and has resided on Staten Island for the past fifteen years.

Her career began as an illustrator for “L’Artist” a NYC magazine at which she met and married her lifetime sweetheart and soul mate, Carl Martinez.

In 1939, while attending the famed Leonardo DaVinci Art Institute, she turned down an offer to work as a cartoonist for a gentleman by the name of Walt Disney and began teaching art at both the elementary and high school level.

Widely traveled, Mrs. Martinez’s works have been exhibited at The Brooklyn Museum, the Bay Ridge Festival of the Arts, the Roanoke Museum of Fine Arts, and many other galleries.

She is a member of the catholic Fine Arts Society and has conducted workshops at St. Johns University, Mother Seton Hall and countless art conventions.

Her paintings have been a variety of media including oil, acrylic, pastels, charcoal and clay for sculptures.

Family-life, a career and pursuit of her love of the fine arts are all reflected and are the underpinnings of the universality and breadth we see in her work.

“At age 95 my painting style has spanned many decades. How I have viewed life throughout the years changes with each paint stroke. I paint what I feel at the moment of the inception of what inspires me. I can best describe my style as what my eyes see and what my heart and soul paint. When I look at my work it makes me happy and I can remember exactly how I felt with each stroke of my brush.”

The artist’s reception for “The Modern Art of Marjorie Martinez” on Saturday, September 29, is free.
Following the opening, the exhibit may be viewed during regular museum hours, with paid museum admission, until December 31, 2012.