Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition Says Kelly Ripa is Denigrating Italian Americans

How desperate is Kelly Ripa?

It is painfully apparent that since Regis’ departure she is prostituting herself and her heritage with abandon!

She swoons over the malcontents of Jersey Shore with giddy interviews and sugary accolades. She had Peter Facinelli co-host, who spewed negative mafioso stereotypes and “Guido” pejoratives – without a word from her.

But, she has now reached an incredible new low!

Ripa stars in a disgraceful and insulting video, replete with disgusting and denigrating stereotypes of Italian Americans. But, she has even drafted her 14 year-old son, Michael and husband, Mark Consuelos, to be part of this disgrace!

Kelly, how could you!?! Are you that desperate for money and/or exposure!?!

The video is a skit about a spelling bee in Bensonhurst Brooklyn that includes Lorraine Bracco and Tony Sirico of Sopranos infamy. Bracco forces an ignorant and crude Brooklyn accent in this “role” and Sirico is just reprising himself, as he always does.

But, the focus is squarely on Ripa, her husband and son. Her son is dressed like a ridiculous caricature of a street thug as he participates in the spelling bee using slang terms for Italian words. Initially her husband objects to the improper words – which seems to provide some redemption from this disgrace. But then he provides the punchline, when he falls in line with the mobster, mafiosi, bimbo, buffoon stereotypes crammed into this cringe-evoking confluence of Italian American denigration. Ughhh!

Ripa is three quarters Italian. And, her husband is actually half Italian and half Mexican – but he lived in Italy and speaks Italian! Is he happy to be disgracing his Italian mother like this?

Does Ripa really feel the need to be such a disgrace to herself and her heritage for this crude exposure? Is she proud to have her son partake in disgracing himself and his heritage? Is she that desperate? This would never be tolerated for any other ethnicity – so why does Ripa do it to us – and her own heritage!!!

I have expressed my feelings to her about this and her other insults to our heritage. You can do the same at the following link.

It is bad enough that Italian American denigration is so rampant throughout the media. But, when an Italian American as supposedly well-respected as Kelly Ripa partakes, it is that much more disgraceful!

Andre’ DiMino
Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition


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  2. Hello, I am of Italian American ancestry 4th generation in this country please get a grip on it no one cares anymore, my children who are fifth generation have no clue, would not know Italy if they fell over it …get over it. Respectfully, Rodger.

  3. When among close friends and family this is how we speak. It’s a familiar loving way to remember our elders who spoke mostly dialects and to relate to those who share those same memories. We know how to say the words correctly. We know the correctand spelling. That being said, this was hilarious, anyone who is Italian, at least from NYC can relate.

  4. Loved the video and my Italian friends did too. One friend was from that exact area in Brooklyn and thanked me profusely for sending her the clip. I think you miss the point of the video, humor, which you have no sense of I’m afraid.

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