“Sister Cities” Agreement between Rome and Washington: The story behind the news

Joe Grano, Italian American activist in Washington, DC Many years ago, Washington lawyer Joe Grano, after returning to Washington from a trip to Rome, Italy, realized that the two  cities shared more than just their status as capital cities. Joe saw that the  arts and architecture of the two cities were similar, of course, but he also noted that perhaps those similarities were not accidental but deliberate.

As Joe explained to CiaoAmerica!, “The  American Founding Fathers chose a republic as
their preferred form of government  after having studied extensively the ‘constitution’ of the Roman Republic. Once  it was decided to create a new city for the Seat of Government, it was only  natural that they chose Roman architecture for their main public buildings. This  was a deliberate decision of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. It is certainly not accidental that the three buildings that represent the  legislative, executive and judicial branches, i.e. The Capitol, the White House  and the Supreme Court building are  ultimately derived from Roman models, albeit  two from an indirect route. Indeed, Jefferson highly recommended a rotunda for  the new U.S. Capitol building.”

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